History of Anlaan Corporation

Anlaan was founded in 1986 by Don Anderson and Gerrit Terlaan, hence the name Anlaan. Don and Gerrit worked together prior to the forming of the Anlaan Corporation at a western Michigan company where they developed a relationship and skill for bidding and constructing heavy civil projects.

Together they gradually built the business from it's inception to a multi million dollar heavy civil contractor specializing in bridge construction and other related works.

After successfully building the company into a major contractor in both Michigan and Indiana, Don and Gerrit made the decision to begin transitioning the company into the next generation of ownership. In March of 2007 the company was sold to Ryan O'Donnell, Nick Baker and Tom Wagenmaker all of whom were former employees and mentors under Don and Gerrit.

Today the company continues with the same values and goals as originally established by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Terlaan.

Core Business

Anlaan Corporation is a West Michigan based contractor specializing in bridge construction and heavy civil construction. Anlaan Corporation has a unique expertise in Design Build, Accelerated Construction, Bascule Bridge and Bridge Rehabilitation projects. We also specialize in Steel Sheet Pilling, Foundation Piling, Earth Retention, MSE Walls, Sound Walls, Boardwalks, Prefabricated Steel & Concrete Structures, Pedestrian Bridges, Timber Bridges and Marine projects. We also provide Crane Rental, Under/Over Truck Rental and Latex Mixer Rental. Anlaan Corporation actively persues public, private and marine projects with qualified sub-contractors in the state of Michigan and Indiana.

  • Bridge Construction
  • Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Design Build Construction
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Bascule Bridges
  • Prefabricated Structures
  • Boardwalks & Pedestrian Bridges
  • Timber Bridges
  • Steel Sheeting & Piling
  • Sound Walls
  • MSE Walls & Earth Retention
  • Crane Rental
  • Over/Under Truck Rental
  • Latex Mixer Rental

About Us

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