anlaan michigan bidlist

Michigan Bid List

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MDOT Bid Letting - October 5th, 2018

Item  County  Description  Estimator
010  Chippewa  Deck patching, epoxy thin overlay, deck joint repairs, cleaning and coating structural steel on Bingham Avenue over the Power Canal in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa County. This is a Local agency Project. 
016  Mason  Bridge removal and replacement with 54-inch prestressed concrete beams, concrete curb, gutter, culverts, drainage, guardrail, cofferdams, steel piling, and approach work on Hawley Road over south branch of the Pere Marquette River, Mason County. This is a Local Agency Project. 

anlaan indiana bidlist

Indiana Bid List

INDOT Letting April 11th, 2018

Item Contract  County
 Description  Estimator
Anlaan Corporation actively seeks competitive bids from DBE certified contractors in the states of Michigan and Indiana.